On 1 August 1914 at 7 pm Germany refused to negotiate and declared war against Russia:

On 1 August 1914 German troops invaded Luxemburg as early as 7:00 pm without declaration, first of all occupying the railway station of Ulflingen


Murdered British soldiers 1917 in Belgium after German gas attack (probably phosgene)

Ruins of Ypres in Belgium after Battles of Ypres since October 1914

1914-1918: World War I casualties

German nazism ... German nazism

Since July 1936: German involvement in the Spanish Civil War since July 1936, with Adolf Hitler immediately sending in powerful air and armored units to assist General Francisco Franco in his war against the Republic

30 September 1938: Munich Agreement permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia

... and World War II: German nazism and World War II 1939-1945

Since 27 September 1940: Military alliance 'Tripartite Pact' of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan

On 30 November 1941 in Berlin: the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini asked Hitler to support the Arab struggles for independence boosting the elimination of a national Jewish homeland and helped Germans recruit Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen-SS

Since 1945: Nazi activists in western German State and ongoing support of dictatorships

German chancellor Kiesinger (1933-1945 NSDAP) visits Spain's dictator Franco in October 1968

24 January 2012 in New York City outside United Nations:

March 2012 in Iran's capital Tehran:

19 November 2013: Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un are pen friends, says North Korean regime

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