In spring 1979 after appointment by phone Wolfgang-Walther Schmidt and his husband Ursula Schmidt travelled to Hamburg's district of St. Georg to speak with Joachim Bischoff and some more employees of the publisher VSA - moved away from Westberlin to Hamburg in the 1970s -, speaking about the conflict with him and his followers since automn/winter 1977 in Berlin's 'Projektgruppe Entwickluung des Marxschen Systems' and the 'Verlagsauslieferung Zirk & Ellenrieder', telling them that the couple from Frankfurt was now an expectant family. There was not result of the meeting
After in 1978/79 the member of 'Frankfurter Rundschau' FR works Council Birgit Scheele visited the couple Schmidt in their appartment for eating together, also going to Westberlin to meet trade union and SPD members. Growing tensions in the Frankfurter journal and furthermore, also after FR employee Wolfgang-Walther Schmidt - and 'Trade, Banking and Insurance Union' (in German 'Gewerkschaft Handel, Banken und Versicherungen' HBV) member - came back from November 1978 vacation in London. Then he desired and demanded from works Council member Scheele an open discussion about the tensions in the archive, leaving allusions. She answered: 'Im Prinzip ja, aber ...'

In March/April 1979 a new employee - who was born in Iran now living in Frankfurt, and who defended the emerging new Mullah regime since February in his country of origin - entered the FR archive, presented to the colleagues by Birgit Scheele. W. Schmidt has photographed him (together with a female colleague) at a company party in spring 1979 with all 8 and now 9 collegues of the archive

In late September 1969 Wolfgang Schmidt left the Frankfurter journal and travelled to Bolzana in Italy, working in the hotel and restaurant services, went back to Germany to meet his husband and wrote a letter to Emil Carlebach, whom he met earlier in the year at a union weekend, and who answered, saying: Er habe auch seine Erfahrung mit der FR gehabt und festgestellt, daß mit Alleingängen gegen den SPD Einfluß und die Vorherrschaft in der Zeitung nichts zu erreichen sei. (Er war seit Kriegsende 1945 im der Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes aktiv), then Wolfgang Schmidt travelled to Paris, working in an auto repair shop and garage 'rue de Vincennes', until on 1 November receiving a surprising phone call from Gudrun Schmidt in Frankfurt that he was father of a little girl. Immediatly he travelled to Frankfurt and in the coming weeks in November they went to the 'Grüneburg Park' with a stroller every day, seeing beautiful trees also in this mild November, as the father always sang songs for his daughter he has learnt in a children's choir in Lemgo, until tensions in Frankfurt persisted and he left the city, home of 'Frankfurter Allgemeine', 'Frankfurter Rundschau', many banks etc., again for Paris, but his work place was lost